We’ve Got Your Backs – SBCAN

We've Got Your Backs

Mom and two kids posing in capes in front of a backdrop of spina bifida super heroes.
Two moms and their children posing in front of an SBCAN banner.
Child's drawing of Spina Bifida Families of Canada.

We are a grassroots volunteer collective of parents of children with spina bifida. Our organization is still in its infancy.

We help connect members of the community and provide infomation and resources to spina bifida families.

While a number of these activities are already underway, once the organization is more established, donations could support several programs including:

  • Provide regular updates to member families regarding spina bifida related resources, therapies, funding sources, and medical research
  • Produce educational materials relating to life with spina bifida
  • Support community gatherings in locations across the country facilitated by local chapter volunteers
  • Facilitate guest speakers and workshops for children with spina bifida and their families
  • Provide financial support for travel for spina bifida related medical treatment
  • Provide scholarships for people with spina bifida for post-secondary studies